Diameter 16000km (60% Surface Water)
Surface Gravity 1.4
Atmosphere Standard
Climate 25 degrees
Population 82,000
Government Representitive Democracy
Law Level Free
Tech Level Stellar


A world made up nearly entirely of flat, featureless plains, BS1-05 has been covered in factories and farms to produce food and equipment for the entirety of Galactic space.  A large part of the Southern Hemisphere, however, is taken up by a huge pan-galactic Tri-D studio that shoots films that are sent across the galaxy.  If you live in the same area as a Tri-D Projector, you've probably seen something filmed on BS1-05.


BS1-05 has no outright leader, but instead has union representitives.  For every hundred to five hundred inhabitants, there is one elected representitive who takes their union's troubles to a planet-wide council, and will remain on the council until they choose to step down or die.  This method means that every person on the planet has a voice which will be heard by the majority of the rest of the planet, although they are slower than many other planetary governments about actually getting things done..


BS1-05 doesn't have the most advanced technology in the galaxy, but what it does boast is rugged, reliable gear for every sitation they could possibly need gear for.  Reliable factory equipment produces reliable farming equipment which produces large amounts of food quickly and efficiently to be loaded on reliable starships to be sent across the galaxy.

The biggest advances the population of BS1-05 has made is in holographic effects technology.  While it has started as entertainment aids, the military of the Galactic Council have taken the base technology to use on the battlefield.

Local CustomsEdit

BS1-05 is known as the land of millionaires, and this is primarily because the Council of Representitives print money faster than they can get rid of it.  Still, it has had a bizarre mental effect of making everyone feel like they have a lot of money, even when a bottle of water costs hundreds of thousands of Credits to compensate.

Galactic LinksEdit

BS1-05 is four weeks' travel away from BS1-04, and about twenty weeks' travel away from BS1-01's Shunt Point to the wider galaxy.  It is rumoured that pilots who regularly do the journey know of a quicker route that only lasts ten weeks, but there are very few people who, if it exists, will even lie about knowing it.