Diameter 6500km (10% Surface Water)
Surface Gravity 0.35
Atmosphere Near-Standard
Climate 35 degrees
Population 792,252,000
Government Dictatorship
Law Level Permissive
Tech Level



A desert world with a huge equatorial region, the tiny green areas have been almost entirely urbanised to fit a comparatively huge population for it's relative tech level.  What hasn't been built up on for the population to live in has been repurposed to make food for the population to eat.


Leadership of BS1-04 has always been down to a simple tenet; power belongs to the person that can take it.  Currently, that person is one Jorra Vhaan, a warlord whose armies' have been armed with technology well beyond the norm for the planet.

The reason Vhaan has access to these weapons is simple; BS1-04 is a stronghold of True Humans who are using Vhaan's control of the population to rapidly ascend them to a spacefaring race and, hopefully, take full control of the Sector.


On the whole, BS1-04 is analogous to approximately 12th century Earth, but there is a core elite who have technology that may as well be witchcraft to the rest of the population.  The planet's overall technology is advancing far faster than is standard under the guidance of the True Humans, and these massive scientific leaps are moving faster than the general population can keep up, and the whole planet is on the verge of revolution.

Local CustomsEdit

The population of BS1-04 has an odd relationship with technology; many revere it, but a small number have grown to hate it, and a surprising force of anti-technology radicals living in the deserts in the equatorial regions.

Galactic LinksEdit

BS1-04 is four weeks away from BS1-05, and two weeks from BS1-A02.  While Vhaan does not stop explorers from landing on his planet, there is very little that most people who can get to it can possibly need from them, so it goes more or less untroubled by the galaxy at large.