Diameter 11000km (90% Surface Water)
Surface Gravity 0.9
Atmosphere Hazardous
Climate -10 degrees
Population 43,044,000
Government Dictatorship
Law Level Authoritarian
Tech Level



A tundra world, the small landmasses of BS1-03 exists under a light dusting of frost that blows in from the massive oceans.  The populations live in domed habitations that have been designed to allow the vicious snowstorms that whip up without warning to flow past them in oddly beautiful jetstreams.


BS1-03 is controlled entirely by an entity known as PCCA; "Planetary Control Computer Alpha".  It monitors everything about it's civilisation, and it stamps out any dissent with a literal iron fist.  It's people have no freedoms, but it attempts to keep them happy by tailoring their daily timetables to allow them precisely enough free time (also regimented) to keep them from snapping.


BS1-03 is one of the most advanced planets in the galaxy, with interstellar capabilities that makes most other planets' militaries look like they are being transported around on children's trollies.  The majority of the technology on BS1-03, however, goes into surveillance and control devices, and these have got to the point that PCCA can recieve almost flawless data from any planet in the galaxy that has any of it's technology on them.

Local CustomsEdit

The population of BS1-03 live on the whim of PCCA, and this does not allow for too many individual customs.  They generally live like cogs in a machine, and will not do anything outside of their mandated timetable.

Galactic LinksEdit

BS1-03 is four week's travel from BS1-02, but PCCA does not allow anything in or out of it's System without incredible scrutiny.  It occasionally sends out spy drones (and rumours say mythical mind control drones) to other systems, many of which are never detected.