Diameter 13000km (20% Surface Water)
Surface Gravity 1
Atmosphere Near-Standard
Climate 35 degrees
Population 708,966,000
Government Monarchy
Law Level Free
Tech Level Information Age


BS1-02 is a paradise planet, with Earth-standard size and gravity, beautiful, lush rainforests giving way to rolling plains and eventually perfect silver deserts.  The small bodies of water that dot the landscape are perfect blue accents to the perfect green landscapes.  In many ways, this is the perfect planet, with one minor problem; the plants on the planet produce natural narcotics as they photosynthesise, making the very air addictive.  To date, no species has shown any kind of resistance.


Law and order are incredibly lax on BS1-02, primarily because the atmosphere makes the inhabitants fairly docile.  As a result, many nearby planets send their less desirable populations to BS1-02 to keep them peaceful and off their own planets, where they are watched by robot guards and a small group of overseers on an orbiting station.

The leader of the overseers, High Overseer Mack Therex, has been ruling for the better part of two centuries and doesn't even slightly care for the policies of the wider galaxy.  He just wants to keep an eye on his population and, most importantly, make sure nothing gets off the planet's surface.


BS1-02 is incredibly connected for what amounts to a penal colony, with planet wide communications, free connection with the overseers above and even uninhibited intercontinental travel.  The narcotics in the air keep the population on the surface in a hazy state of mind, which makes the most advanced technology pointless.

One stand out item of technology on BS1-02 is the large robotic population.  These robots are ancient, but they are still functional, and are designed to keep the sentient population pacified - a program that came before the planet's "quirks" were identified.

Local CustomsEdit

The population of BS1-02 are prone to cult behavior, but these cults are invariably benign, centering around worshipping the sun, grass, insects or something equally harmless.  These cults tend to form fairly rapidly, spend a few months sitting in a circle playing drums and dancing, and then splitting up to join new cults.  The robot guards keep an eye on them in case they get dangerous, but they never do.

Galactic LinksEdit

BS1-02 is ten weeks' travel away from BS1-01, four week's away from BS1-03 and just a week away from BS1-A01, but High Overseer Therex has instituted a strict restriction on anyone going to or leaving the planet's surface.  This is more for the traveller's safety than anyone else's.